Next Stop/Próxima Parada: Jaén

Hola a todxs! Thank you for stopping by the ol’ blog.

If you know me (and if you’re reading this, you probably do – hey mom and Nat!), then you know about my obsession with the Spanish language, culture, and cuisine. You might also know that I studied abroad in Oviedo, that little city in green Spain, for a semester and attempted to blog about my experience there with my dear friend KO. Well, I definitely let that project slide due to all the other distractions posed by studying abroad, but I’m thinking that maybe second time’s a charm?

Since studying abroad once wasn’t enough, I decided to give Spain another go – this time as an English Language Assistant through Meddeas. I’ll be teaching ages 2-12 in Jaén proper, the capital city of Jaén province in the autonomous region of Andalucía, Spain. More on what my duties will entail as September 14 (my start date) inches closer.18010162_1541436075866644_8984681416173824735_n

You probably have no idea where Jaén is, but if you do major points for your great geography skills! To be honest I had never heard of it before I received an email with my placement information. After looking it up on Google maps I found its location in south central Spain in the autonomous community of Andalucía, which is exciting since I haven’t visited yet. I also learned that it is one of the world’s top producers of olive oil, which is pretty cool in my opinion. It’s definitely a change of pace from the rolling green hills and dairy production of the north, but I’m excited to see what my new home has to offer, especially when it comes to the FREE tapas!

Showing the love for Spain on my #basic grad cap

Here’s to hoping that this time around I’ll be a bit more diligent about the blogging. Stay tuned my friends!

Besos y abrazos,


2 thoughts on “Next Stop/Próxima Parada: Jaén

    1. Hey Joseph, thanks for the comment!
      l’ll have to check out the blog, and so far I really like it…nice people, cheap, and suuuuper laid back, even for Spain!


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