¡Bienvenidos! I’m Katie, and welcome to Poco a Poco, my little corner of the internet.

As a current English language assistant in Spain, my aim is to provide a fresh and unfiltered insight to both fellow auxiliares and those at home.

In Spanish, poco a poco means “little by little”, a fitting title because I’m learning everything as I go, bit by bit.  By the end of next year, I hope to have earned a black belt in fighting Spanish bureaucracy.

Last year was spent in the hamlet of Jaen, Spain, becoming semi-fluent in el habla Andaluz, and where teaching toddlers helped me confirm that I can definitely wait a long time before having my own kids.

This year, I’ll be in the bilingual city of Palma de Mallorca working with students ages 12-18. It also happens to be one of Europe’s tourism capitals, so overall I’m in for quite the change.

Follow along on my adventures and inevitable mishaps as I navigate my Spanish life. My hope is that you can all learn something new through this blog, or at the very least have yourselves a laugh.

Hasta pronto!